About Us

True Turn of Tulsa was founded in 1995 with the goal of becoming the finest machine shop in the area focusing on the Heat Transfer Industry – Primarily providing Milling and Drilling for Manufacturers of Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers and Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers as well as other Pressure Vessels. Our founders identified a need for a modern machine shop with equipment and employees focused on providing the highest quality machined parts.Over the years, True Turn of Tulsa began providing our services to various other Customers from a variety of industries

Since our founding, True Turn of Tulsa has grown into a leading provider of milling and drilling for Tubesheets, Baffles, Rings and other parts for the Heat Transfer Industry. We provide quick and accurate quotes and offer the ability to purchase material on behalf of our Customers to streamline the process for our Customers.

True Turn of Tulsa strives to provide the highest quality products to our Customers. In addition to our standard Quality Control steps, we can integrate additional testing and documentation, hold points, or any other steps that our Customers require.

True Turn of Tulsa Front Building